Three Days in Vienna – John Steinberg



A rollercoaster of emotions, set in the late 90s. Political intrigue and controversial families spanning London and Vienna.


Elizabeth McCreary’s mother Lillian Frankl was a child of the Kindertransport – but she refuses to speak of the past. Determined to learn more, Elizabeth flies to Vienna on the start of a life-changing journey.

At home in London, her lawyer husband Anthony is facing disgrace. Vast sums have been siphoned off from his firm’s client account to support the far right British Independent Party of which his father, William, is Treasurer. William’s close links with the Crediton Trust in Devon, a pharmaceutical company of prestige and power, are helping to make his political ambitions a reality. However, behind the big-business façade of Crediton lies a dark past rooted in Nazi Germany, of theft and the sinister use to which its drugs were put during World War Two. 

For the McCrearys, one astounding revelation follows another. Nothing can ever be the same – and all roads lead inexorably back to Vienna.


This was definitely a slow-burner. I was unsure how the author would tie everything together but it came good! 

Elizabeth is a bit of a wet blanket in the beginning and I couldn’t warm to her at all, I loved reading about her aunt, the Hirschmans and eventually Elizabeth got better as a character. 

I must admit, the jumping through time got confusing as major events would happen without any prior warning – especially a few things to do with Elizabeth’s and Anthony’s children. 

I liked this book for the amount of research gone into the historical aspect and Steinberg got the balance just right.

With a lot to cram in during the three days in Vienna, I think it felt a bit rushed and everything happened really quickly, but then Steinberg got into the flowof the story and it worked a lot better! With plenty of intrigue, blackmail, a past that would rather be forgotten by numerous characters and a startling likeness to various political themes going on today, this was an enjoyable read! 

Thanks to Zooloo’s book tours and John Steinberg for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.  

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