The Tethered God – Barrie Condon



Egyptology has become a new passion side project so I loved delving into a bit of historical fiction with The Tethered God. 


When Khafre, the mighty Egyptian God-King, died four and a half thousand years ago, he expected an eternity in paradise. Instead, he found himself in modern-day Cairo, trapped inside the lowliest of creatures, a police dog who earns its living by sniffing out bombs.


Yet, nightly, vivid dreams taunt him, conjuring up a brilliant life of wealth and power. As his past life reveals itself, he discovers himself to have been a man willing to pursue heresies, break sacred boundaries and even murder for the woman he loves. But nothing in these memories explains why the gods have chosen to punish him so severely.


Enduring endless humiliations in a new life he doesn’t understand, and unable to communicate his predicament, he finds himself suddenly thrust into a plot to kill millions of people. Helpless and alone, he must fight to save Egypt and his own soul.


I did find this darkly humorous, especially the flashbacks. I really enjoyed the flashback/dream chapters as they gave a real look into Khafre’s life and it only furthered the mystery as to what he had done. 

The modern chapters were well-written and the characters were likeable. I found Amr the best out of the group with Khafre (or Cheops as he’s known) and I enjoyed watching the plot unfold and seeing the scrapes they got into. 

Khafre in Egyptian times is a spoilt, entitled brat but I think Peseshet handles him beautifully, she was by far my favourite character! 

The mysteries are really well thought out and intriguing, but I won’t give too much away! 

Thanks to Love Books Tours and Barrie Condon for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review 

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