The Significant Others of Odie May – Claire Dyer

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A thought-provoking read on how our actions have ripples of consequences whether we realise it or not. 


Any one of them could have murdered her… but who did?

On the night Odie May and her married lover are due to celebrate him leaving his wife, Odie goes out to buy a bottle of his favourite wine and, on her way home, is murdered by a woman in a lime green coat.

The next thing Odie knows is that she’s in a waiting room and there’s a man called Carl Draper saying he’s her Initial Contact. He is carrying a clipboard and invites her into an interview room.

Over the course of her interview, Carl and Odie track back to the significant others in her life to date to try and work out where she’s gone wrong, who might have killed her, and why.

In the meantime, Carl also shows Odie what’s happening in the life she’s left behind as her mother and her lover, Michael, learn of her death and manage the tricky days that follow it.

But nothing is as simple as it seems. Although Carl has it in his power to return Odie to the moment before she was killed, this comes at a price she may not be able to pay.


I cannot even find words to describe this book. It was beautifully written, with great characters (although I wanted to dislike Odie, I just couldn’t!), and an original storyline. 

Odie May has to go through the significant people in her life to figure out where she’ll go now she’s dead. Carl Draper is just wonderful and his story was so sad, as was Odie’s. 

I rushed through it so I could find out what happened, but not in a bad way! I just really had to know what Odie May decided on. I thoroughly enjoyed every page and cannot thank Kelly @ LoveBooksTours and Claire Dyer enough for letting me read it in exchange for an honest review. 

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