The Shadow Men – M.R Mackenzie



Following on from ‘In the Silence’ and ‘Cruel Summer’ Anna Scavolini is back in this nail-biting thriller from M.R Mackenzie. Intrigue, death and a secret in the shadows make for a whirlwind ride. 

Please note this book does come with triggers warnings for child abuse and paedophilia.


They see everything. They hear everything. They know everything.

When a young police officer, Derek Sullivan, goes missing, the detective investigating his disappearance turns to criminologist Anna Scavolini – Derek’s one-time university lecturer – for help. Haunted by the belief that she failed in her duty of care towards her former student, Anna finds herself drawn increasingly deeper into the investigation.

Meanwhile, Zoe Callahan – once Anna’s best friend, now unhappily estranged – becomes preoccupied by unsettling rumours involving her old school. Uncovering a trail of evidence implicating the most powerful men in Scottish society in a scandal stretching back decades, she soon attracts the attention of sinister forces who don’t look kindly on those who disturb the past…

A missing police officer, a highly coveted list of names, a fatal car crash on a rainswept night – what connects these seemingly unrelated threads? And who are the mysterious Shadow Men, whose very name strikes terror into the hearts of everyone who hears it?


I was a little nervous to review this book originally, due to the subject matter involving child abuse. 

However, the author does a fantastic job of navigating it and I applaud him for handling it so well. 

There are many different storylines that weave in and out of each other and I was confused how these characters fitted into the main plot but again, Mackenzie does a stirling job of wrapping everything up nicely. 

I like the character of Anna Scavolini, she seemed rather sensible and I enjoy seeing that in crime books! 

All the characters were well-written and the plot line thrilling. There were plenty of points where I couldn’t put the book down! I read this as a standalone but will be going back to read the other two books in the series. 

II wish to see this as a Saturday night TV drama that I can curl up under a blanket with snacks and a hot chocolate! 

Thanks to Love Books Tours and M.R Mackenzie for the opportunity to read and review this book.


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