The Entrants – Rock Forsberg



Do you fancy a book with an underdog? Do you like galactic racing teams with some seriously big secrets, a race for a life and a boy who wants to be like his dad? Then definitely read The Entrants! 


The ARL race crafts run on sonic speeds just a few metres from the track and race massive rollercoaster circuits all across the galaxy. It is the biggest sport under the federation.

Zane Silvering, the son of an ARL legend, races in a local antigravity league and dreams of making it big in the galaxy.

On his eighteenth birthday, after being kicked out of his team, an ARL team offers him a position as a substitute. Despite the warning signs, he seizes the opportunity, and boards a massive spaceship, the mobile base of a team competing for the galactic championship.


But the life of an ARL racer isn’t as easy as he thought. The crafts are raw and powerful, the competition relentless—also inside his team—and the game sometimes gets dirty. Just to get to race, he has to beat some of the galaxy’s best racers.


And there’s more to the team than racing: a group of them run secret missions for the enigmatic owner. Soon Zane works night-shift as their getaway pilot.


When the day and night jobs meet, he must step out of his father’s shadow, and race, not only for the glory, but for his life.


If you like underdog stories, awe-inspiring galactic trekking, and high-adrenaline racing, The Entrant will keep you strapped to your seat until the finish line.


This book started at a great pace and kept up throughout the whole thing. I loved Zane, one of my favourite characters of this year and how he came from being sacked by his team to having the race of his life. 

The book did keep me engaged and I loved how much depth Rock went into with his characters and their worlds.

On the whole, the plot was great, the  characters were well-developed and well-written and I am looking forward to reading more from Rock Forsberg and hopefully finding out some more about the ARL. 

I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. 

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