The Dominion Defiant – Chris Cloake

Two books stacked on top of each other showing the Dominion Defiant book cover.


I made a mistake here in not reading the first book! However, I quickly caught on to what was going on. Chris Cloake’s second instalment of the fantasy trilogy does not disappoint.


An ancient adversary in the east seeks to invade Ordefima and claim the treasures it holds.

When his beloved sister is captured, Rupert, the youngest son of the ruling family, is sent to save her. As the power of the enemy increases, can he overcome personal tragedy, emotional entanglements and lost allegiances to emerge as the hero? Or will subversive forces and increasing austerity inspire the people to rebel against him?

The Dominion – Defiant is the second book in the fantasy trilogy. If you like epic adventure, dark brooding menace, vivid characters and imaginative settings, then you’ll love this latest instalment by popular author Chris Cloake.


We all know that I love a fantasy trilogy by now, and this is no different (I will be going back to read book 1 soon!). A monster that can control the mind, mind, a dominion that is feeling the effect of being peaceful and a man hellbent on taking over the dominion, even to the detriment of his family and home. 

The Dominion Defiant starts all guns blazing and doesn’t stop. This is a rollercoaster of a fantasy book, with plenty of intrigue and mystery in the court to keep you wondering if everyone is truly on the same side. 

Chris Cloake does a fantastic job of giving us more details of the world he has created, and the characters throughout are well-developed. I love Rupert and Socha’s relationship and how they work together – especially near the end when a decision caused lives to be lost. On the whole, this was an incredible book – I’m looking forward to the third one so I can find out what will happen to Ordefima, especially after the ending of book two! 

Thanks to Chris Cloake and Zooloo’s Book Tours for the opportunity to read and review this book. 

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