The Betrayal – Cole Baxter



Whenever I get the chance to review a crime thriller, I take it, especially when the author is as awesome as Cole Baxter! 


She thought she could escape the past. But now it’s found her…


Erin is determined to begin a new chapter in her life. Having freed herself from her violent and abusive ex, she’s starting over on a remote island where she can lead a peaceful, quiet life.


But then she meets Dominic. He is pushy and won’t take no for an answer. Given her history, Erin feels nervous of him – how far will he go to get what he wants? Even worse, Erin discovers her ex-husband has been released from prison. Will he come after her again?


And her terror only increases when it becomes clear there is a killer loose on the island.


Refusing to live in fear any longer, she devises a dangerous plan to unmask the killer. But in so doing she stumbles across the deadly secret at the heart of this island community, a discovery more terrifying than anything she could ever have imagined…


This book had me hooked! 

Can I just start off by saying how awesome Erin is? What a character, and thank god that Baxter was clever with his descriptions of the mainly female cast. 

Erin moves to Misty Cliffs, moving away from her old life and soon is ingratiated into island life. Meeting new friends, and some enemies and I was shocked (but not totally surprised) when the first body turns up. 

Erin’s ex-husband story does well to keep you engaged and in a state of anxiety for her, but it was clearly someone closer to home she had to watch for. 

This book will keep you up all night until you finish. I couldn’t put this down and read nearly all of it in one sitting. Keep your eyes peeled for the red herrings, beware of men in dark jeans (a true life lesson) and make sure you have snacks and water close at hand to keep you going. You will not be disappointed in the small town murders at Misty Cliffs. 

Thanks to Zoe and Cole Baxter for the opportunity to read and review this book. 

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