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Defiled – Ann Denton


When Black tries to force a ring onto my finger, I bolt.

I escape the pack leader’s clutches with Jonah, my best friend with benefits…who has become so much more.

But then my body betrays me. My stupid wolf shifter hormones send me spiraling into my first heat only hours after I flee.

Desire blazes through my veins until it’s so wild and fierce that it takes over my reality.

It makes me hallucinate while I’m with Jonah and wish for things I don’t want.

Like Black.


Elena was stolen from me.

No one steals from the Lobo pack, and no one ever steals from me.

I’m going to hunt down whoever took her and punish them until they can’t even scream for mercy.

The moon goddess better hide her face because I’m about to show the shifters who stole Elena that my soul can be as dark as my name.


She picked me.

The most perfect woman in the world chose me.

I should be on cloud nine, but instead, I’m terrified.

How the hell am I going to protect her with furious shifters from two different packs hunting us down?

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