Secret Burdens – Suzanna J Linton



The third in the Lorst Stories saga and my favourite so far! 


Jarrett failed everyone close to him.


In disgrace, he resigned his position as Captain of the Royal Guard and entered self-imposed exile in Lorst’s Eastern Forests. As a common soldier, he fought the remainder of the sorcerer Marduk’s monsters.


However, after an assassination attempt leaves her bedridden, Clara summons Jarrett back to the capital city of Bertrand. Over his protests, she appoints him Captain of the Seer’s Guard. Though both her parents and her ability to see the future are restored to her, neither of these things can help her find her would-be killer. There’s also a greater threat on the horizon she must face and she needs someone she can trust.


Jarrett searches for both Clara’s enemies and his sense of honor. However, his investigations threaten to expose secrets that could ruin them all and shake the Lorst to the core.


The electrifying third novel of The Stories of Lorst Series takes the reader from the immaculate halls of the Palace to the dingy streets of the Low Quarters on an epic tale of secrets, betrayals, and lost love.


I love this series and it’s one of the better fantasy romance sagas I’ve read for a long time! 

Jarrett is such a great character and his development over the book is astonishing to read. He’s clearly got a sensitive side which his father doesn’t take kindly too, but it’s obvious he cares about those around him.

I also loved catching up with characters introduced in book 2 – Clara’s Return and seeing how their lives are now intertwined with the kingdom. 

I’m looking forward to reading book 4 and finding out how the kingdom carries on after the revelations in this book. Suzanna knows how to keep her audience captivated and this is one series, I’ll enjoy reading again and again.

Thanks to Love Books Tours and Suzanna for a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. 

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