Replaced Parts – Stephanie Hansen



I haven’t read a decent sci-fi book for so long and rarely read medical sci-fi so I was unsure whether this would grip me or not. 

I had no reason to worry! 


In the year 2163 a corrupt World Government controls everything on our planet and beyond.

Sixteen year-old Sierra has been so caught up in her own world of saving animal test subjects and her father’s disappearance, she hasn’t paid much attention. When she finally finds his location, she and her friend set off on a covert interplanetary mission to rescue him, she begins to see the corruption first hand.

Discovering that her father has been on the front lines secretly trying to save human test subjects inspires her to join a revolution. But she is afraid of the collateral damage of hurting the people she loves. Will she find the strength to make a deal with the mad scientist Cromwell to save not just her friends and family but everyone?


Stephanie Hansen has created a dystopian world that spans galaxies and planets. Her characters and their descriptions are fascinating. I’d love to see this as a movie or Netflix series! 

There were points where I was extremely confused but realised right at the end that it was because I hadn’t looked at the chapter headings to note time leaps! D’oh! 

The time leaps did provide clarity on a few things but there were points where I thought a little bit more explanation could have been given. 

A fascinating look at how family can drive people to do the craziest things! It was also pretty scary how realistic all the medical procedures sounded! 

I’m looking forward to the next book! 

Thanks to Love Books Tours and Stephanie Hansen for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. 

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