Of Blood And Fire

Ryan Cahill

book on table


This book is fabulous. That’s it, review done.

I’m kidding. The book is fabulous, I really bloody loved it and I’ve been so excited to read it and do this review.


Born in fire. Tempered in blood.

Epheria is a land divided by war and mistrust. The High Lords of the south squabble and fight, only kept in check by the Dragonguard, traitors of a time long past, who serve the empire of the North.

In the remote villages of southern Epheria, still reeling from the tragic loss of his brother, Calen Bryer prepares for The Proving—a test of courage and skill that not all survive.

But when three strangers arrive in the village of Milltown, with a secret they are willing to die for, Calen’s world is ripped from under him and he is thrust headfirst into a war that has been raging for centuries.

There is no prophecy. His coming was not foretold.

He bleeds like any man, and bleed he will.


When I received my map, bookmarks, note and curly wurly from Ryan, I knew this was going to be a good book. The thought and detail that were put into that little parcel, got me thinking of how much thought and detail went into the book and I think you’ll agree when you read it, that the world Ryan has created is fascinating and extremely detailed. I think the illustrations dotted throughout the book, also give it a little extra touch. It helped visualise certain things!

Calen and his two friends, Dann and Rist go on a journey that tests their strength, physically and mentally and I loved seeing how they developed. I really enjoyed the little nods to both Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, you can tell where Ryan got his inspiration from and I am all for it! I can see the little storylines that he’s started (and will hopefully finish, unlike GoT) and where each character may end up.

I had my heart in my mouth throughout much of the second half of the book, and there was a lot that I did not predict happening at all. The tension that Ryan Cahill weaves is astounding and I felt the characters’ emotions through everything and there was more than one point I cried (well done Ryan)! I don’t want to give away too much but I like how Calen’s ‘powers’ are revealed after one of his friend’s powers are hinted at. I liked that it wasn’t all about Calen, it was about the three of them, together, and they hopefully stick together throughout the series.

All in all, a great debut, a fantastic start to a series and I am excited to see where this goes.

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