Murder in an Irish Bookshop – Carlene O’Connor



Books, murder and a windswept Irish town. What more could you want in a cosy mystery book? 


The opening of a new bookstore becomes the closing chapter in an author’s life…

Kilbane’s new bookshop is hosting an event featuring up-and-coming Irish writers who will be taking up residency in the town for a month. Among them is indie author Deirdre Walsh, who has been causing a heated debate among the writers. She seems to have a particular distaste for the novels of Nessa Lamb.

Then Deirdre’s body is found the next day in the back of the store – with pages torn from Nessa’s books stuffed in her mouth. Now, Siobhán must uncover which of Kilbane’s literary guests took Deirdre’s criticisms so personally, they’d engage in foul play….

A charming cosy mystery, perfect for fans of Margaret Mayhew and Betty Rowlands.


This book is perfect for reading in the midst of winter, with a hot chocolate (and marshmallows), wrapped up in a comfy blanket. So it’s quite galling that September is super bloody warm! 

Obviously, that didn’t take away from the great writing of Carlene O’Connor! She sets up some of my favourite characters so far in any murder mystery and the locations are easily visualised. The build-up to the murder is perfectly done and I loved trying to figure out the mystery along with Siobhan. I didn’t guess anything so obviously my detective skills are a little bit rusty, but that also means everything was a nice little surprise. 

Deidre is a classic villain who I was quite glad to be rid of, she rubbed everyone up the wrong way but no-one deserves to be murdered, or do they? Does the death of a little old lady a few days before Deidre, have anything to do with the murder? With a new garda on the scene and Siobhan re-thinking her relationship with handsome Destective Sergeant Macdara, will they be able to work together to solve the mysteries of Kilbane? 

A great book over all, Siobhan is a wonderful character and I hope to see her and her family in future books. 

Thanks to Love Books Tours and Carlene O’Connor for a free copy of the book, in exchange for an honest review. 

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