It All Comes Back to You



A book that does historical points of view and two narrations is often hard to do but Beth Duke has done a wonderful job with ‘It All Comes Back to You’.


Alabama, 1947.

War’s over, cherry-print dresses, parking above the city lights, swing dancing.

Beautiful, seventeen-year-old Violet lives in a perfect world.
Everybody loves her.

In 2012, she’s still beautiful, charming, and surrounded by admirers.

Veronica “Ronni” Johnson, licensed practical nurse and aspiring writer, meets the captivating Violet in the assisted living facility where Violet requires no assistance, just lots of male attention. When she dies, she leaves Ronni a very generous bequest―only if Ronni completes a book about her life within one year. As she’s drawn into the world of young Violet, Ronni is mesmerized by life in a simpler time. It’s an irresistible journey filled with revelations, some of them about men Ronni knew as octogenarians at Fairfield Springs.

Struggling, insecure, flailing at the keyboard, Ronni juggles her patients, a new boyfriend, and a Samsonite factory of emotional baggage as she tries to craft a manuscript before her deadline.

But then the secrets start to emerge, some of them in person. And they don’t stop.

Everything changes.


This book took my breath away. Violet is a wonderful character and Ronni is so well-written, I could envision her in my mind searching journals to write about Violet’s life. 

Violet is adored and feted by everyone, but not all is as it seems. This book takes you on an emotional rollercoaster, keeps you guessing about various plot lines until the very end and leaves you gasping in surprise – my other half got fed up with me going ‘Oh my word!’ and banished me downstairs for the second half of reading it! 

Ronni collects a boyfriend, a new friend and a solicitor as people who help her uncover Violet’s life. It’s a beautiful story and I enjoyed it so much, I’ve already recommended it to various people! 

The book is well-written and the characters came to life on the page. A good book to curl up with in winter! 

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