Instincts – Catherine Howarth



An intriguing storyline where nothing is quite as it seems. Trust your instincts and you shouldn’t go wrong…


They say the devil’s in the details… And I say, I most certainly am. 
After a near miss with a serial killer on a night out with her best friend Holly, Fae Wright found herself with a starring role in Holly’s subsequent bestselling memoir.
Now Fae has been unexpectedly hired by the Metropolitan Police to help solve the unsolvable. A string of murders across England are linked but what is the common thread?
With bodies piling up and constantly more questions than answers, Fae strives to connect the dots. Holly wrote all about Fae’s psychic instincts, so maybe she really does have the best chance of catching the killer. 
But someone is watching Fae very closely, and there may be more to this than Fae could ever have imagined…


I liked this book’s premise. I really did! I thought the storyline was great, but I just couldn’t get into the characters. 

I really liked the bold type denoting that it was the killer speaking and letting you believe that every move was watched and a very clever play was being made, but Fae I just couldn’t warm too. 

Catherine does a great job of weaving you into a plot that you think you know where it’s going before it throws a curveball at you and you’re left reeling from a the shock of a mini twist. 

I’d definitely read another one of her books, I thought her character development overall was fantastic, the scenes and descriptions were great and Catherine is a great writer with a law background which means her writing rings true! I did like how DCI Marsden was not a detective, living on his own in a seedy flat with just an old pizza, a slice of cheese and beer in his fridge. I liked Marsden, and his little storyline was a nice touch!  

A good book, which should be read by all psychology students if you ask me. Thanks to Zooloos Book Tours and Catherine Howarth for the copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. 

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