Friends and Neighbours – Ruth Torjussen



I was really pleased to be asked to review the Christmas instalment of Friends and Neighbours. I wanted to check in with Jenny and Lonny, find out how they were all getting on. I was not disappointed! 


Two years after her depression Jenny is leading a full and happy life with her family, friends and neighbours in Stoke. But in the run-up to Christmas, not everyone is so fortunate…

After another year of hard work in the community, Jenny and Lonny are in need of a rest at Christmas. But when a snowstorm hits, and a visitor moves in uninvited, the chances of a quiet Christmas look slim.

 Jenny has enough on her plate without Precocious Polly causing her usual mayhem. But all is not as it seems. Long held secrets unravel and risk ruining the holiday. Jenny knows all about family secrets. Can she help this young woman be reunited with her family for Christmas?

A delightful Christmas story to make you laugh and cry! 

‘Christmas Reunions’ is the second book in the much loved ‘Friends and Neighbours’ series which follows Jenny and Lonny and their local community and combines serious issues with humour and charm.


Reading this book was just what I needed during the colder, darker nights. It was like a warm blanket and I loved being able to catch up with the characters that I’d gotten to know so well in ‘Friends and Neighbours’. Jenny is back, with her family and friends. 

Two years have passed since the party and things are looking up for many of the characters we met last time. However, climate control is getting out of hand and extreme weather is a common occurence. 

Knowing that this was set only a few years into the future was rather scary! The story moved at a great pace and seeing the dynamics of all the characters and how they had changed and evolved was fascinating. Jenny and Lonny never seem to catch a break and they always want to help out, even if it means they get more stressed out! 

Ruth has written another great story, full of christmas cheer, family and friendship problems and some lovely secondary plots that all weave together to create a truly magical christmas book! 

Thanks to Love Books Tours and Ruth for a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. 

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