Dead Money – Keith Nixon



The second in the Jonah Pennance series – this time we’re in the gritty underworld of crypto and digital banking. 


With a reputation for solving bizarre murders Detective Inspector Jonah Pennance, recently transferred to the National Crime Agency, is brought in to investigate the mysterious death of celebrity fund manager, Grady Carnegie – choked to death, then his body arranged and ready for a wake.

Then a second corpse turns up under identical circumstances – that of washed-up investigative reporter, Stan Thewlis. But how are the two men connected?

Soon, Pennance’s partner, Sergeant Simone Smithson, comes under suspicion for the deaths – the evidence seems overwhelming. To save her Pennance must determine what role the shadowy organisation Blackthorn plays and who is in the background, pulling all the strings…


I jumped at the chance fo reading and reviewing the next book in the DI Jonah Pennance series. This one sees Pennance as part of the NCA and getting used to his new role. 

Pennance is such a great character, I have a mixture of about 4 police detectives in my head and he kind of looks like the human version of Sully from Monsters Inc. for some reason! Anyway, another cracking read from Keith Nixon, that gets you thinking you’ve cracked the case in 20 pages before hurtling you in another direction. 

with so much going on, it would be easy to get lost (especially with all the techinal jargon), but Nixon makes it easy to read and follow. Each character has it’s flaws and I think Hoskins has become my new favourite person in any crime thriller novel. 

A few extra red herrings to throw you off the scent right near the end had me on edge! I nearly burnt my son’s pasta as I was too engrossed.

Another fabulos story, and a series that I’m swiftly adding to the firm favourites list.

Thanks to Zooloo’s Book Tours and Keith Nixon for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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