Cuban Heel – Leopold Borstinski



The 5th instalment of the Alex Cohen series. We see Cohen move from Vegas to Cuba with long-time friend and partner Meyer Lansky. 


Alex joins long-time friend and business partner, Meyer Lansky to recreate Las Vegas in 1950s Havana. Dictator President Batista gives them the opportunity to build their dream casino complexes, but Alex must choose between dancing with this devil or being in debt to the Italian mob.


My knowledge of Cuban history is patchy at best, so this was a great read for me! 

This book sees the return of Sarah and some of her and Alex’s sons. I enjoyed their dynamic and appreciated the difficulties that they’d gone through when Alex had been incarcerated. Borstinski didn’t brush over it and wrote some fairly poignant scenes between Cohen and his two oldest sons. 

With Cuba being on the brink of revolution, it is no surprise that the Castro’s are mentioned a few times as part of the rebel groups. It was another great insight into some real-life history mixed with the fictional character of Alex Cohen. Meyer Lansky was a big time mafia accountant and many of the names that pop up in this book are real. 

Cuba was meant to be the next Vegas, with the likes of Cohen and Lansky using the island as a haven for laundering money, with the perks of the  proximity of the US shores close by for trips back home when needed. Cohen recognises the danger before it happens but he still cannot predict the full extent of the tension that grows year on year in Havana. 

A fantastic look back on how CUba was viewed by the mobster’s of the time and how they made (and lost) their money. 

Leopold Borstinski does extensive research to make these as close as possible to what actually happened and that timelines fit as best they can. I have really enjoyed these books and will be seeking out books 7 and 8 as soon as possible! 

Thanks to Zooloo’s Book Tours and Leopold Borstinski for the opportunity to read and review these books. 


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