Crown Prince – W.D. Kilpack III



Well! What a way to kick off a new fantasy saga! 


Natharr is Guardian of Maarihk, one of a long line of protectors dating back to the Firstborn Age, before the Aa Conquest. Natharr’s is an ancient role, rooted in his Firstblood, giving him Sight to see what is yet to be. He adheres to his sacred duties even in the centuries since the Firstborn were forced to the brink of extinction by the Aa. Natharr still stands guard over all men, Aa or Firstborn, Seeing what will come to pass, determining what can be avoided and what cannot. He spends decades planning, even for saving the life of the newborn Crown Prince, so he may one day reclaim the throne in the land where Mankind was created when the Olde Gods still walked.


This book transported me into a world where life and death situations were commonplace and everyone had a cause to fight for.

The distinction between the Firstborn and the Aa was fascinating to me, really got me hooked!

Natharr is the Guardian of Maarihk, and sworn to loyalty to the king. What happens when the king he has protected for years, is usurped? Well, Natharr runs off with the baby prince and his wet nurse to escape capture and almost certain death for the infant.

I won’t spoil it but the characters are fantastic, descriptions of battles draw in you and there’s shock in every chapter.

I love fantasy books and I’ll add this to my pile of highly recommended sagas!

I look forward to reading the second book.

Thanks to @lovebookstours for the chance to review!

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