Casino Chiseler – Alex Cohen



I reviewed the 6th book in the Alex Cohen series last year and was delighted to be offered the chance to review some more in this digital bumper edition! 


Alex Cohen leaves jail to find salvation from the 1940s mob in the hotels of Las Vegas. When Bugsy Siegel invites him to take over sports betting in Nevada, Alex must figure out how to get back to the top table in New York without attracting the Feds’ attention. If he succeeds then he will regain his self respect, but if he fails then the last members of the national crime syndicate will cut him dead and he will be left a nobody or wind up a corpse.


The best thing about these books is that you don’t necessarily have to read them in order. Borstinski does a great job of dropping important information from previous books throughout the story so you can keep up. 

The book opens up with Alex leaving prison and getting re-settled. I like how the books move throughout the decade seamlessly, and this is no different. 

During the book, we see Alex set up Vegas with a few of his associates. There’s a few cameos from real people (Bugsy Siegel, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis. Jr to name a few) and I enjoyed seeing the Cohen rise from the ashes and get through the ’40s without getting killed, despite a few near misses! 

Borstinski does a great job of re-introducing Alex into the gangster world, with the syndicate not wanting to know him unless they can use him as an assassin. 

A great book that leads nicely into book 5! Thank you to Zooloo’s book tours and Leopold Borstinski for the opportunity to read these. 

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