Bugger Banksy

Roy D. Hacksaw

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Bugger Banksy is one of the most light-hearted books that I’ve read for ages. I didn’t know I needed it until after I’d finished. It is one of those books that I genuinely couldn’t put down and had to know how the lads solved the problem of an unfinished Banksy on the side of their barn. 


Did you ever wonder what happens to the inhabitants of a building after the artist known as Banksy leaves one of his artworks on their wall? Especially when there’s something slightly less than legal going on inside? Join Glyn and Kevin as they desperately try to keep their clandestine business secret after the world’s most famous graffiti artist makes his mark on the side of their old barn in South Wales, and their solitude is invaded by an endless parade of unlikely visitors…


I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Glyn and Kev and their mates as they rush to cover up a Banksy artwork before the world descends on them to see it and discover their little “business”. 

Sheer luck helps these two hapless gents, far more than wits and intelligence ever could (although they both have moments of clarity where ideas seem to fall into place), there were plenty of laughs. 

I expected the book to be quite gritty and sad – also, I’d completely missed where it was based and for some reason thought it was in Scotland – but it did have me laughing out loud in places. Roy has done a fabulous job of encapsulating two lads from the South of Wales and how successive governments often forgot about small towns during the 80s. 

A thoroughly enjoyable read and one that I’d highly recommend. 

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