Bonds by Marie Anne Cope



Vampires are making a comeback and I, for one, am here for it! 


A four-century-old secret. A vampire curse.
Can she uncover the truth about her family before it destroys her?

Following the death of her grandmother, Becca Martin comes face to face with an ancestor she is
unaware of; an ancestor who threatens her very existence.

Antony Cardover bears a vampire curse, and he will stop at nothing to sever his ancient bindings.

As she uncovers the dark truth about her family, can Becca embrace the legacy she now bears?
Or will the mistakes of the dead return to kill her?

If you like A Discovery of Witches and The Vampire Chronicles, you will LOVE Marie Anne
Cope’s BONDS series.

Step into a world of magic, mystery and mayhem!


I have to say, I really enjoyed this book and I don’t often enjoy the vampire genre. This one hit differently though, and it was more about piecing the puzzle together ashow Antony ended up like he did. 

Marie writes a really good book, the characterisation was done incredibly well and I really liked the development of Becca and Antony. 

I do think it’s more mystery than anything else, which is why I enjoyed it so much! It builds up to a great cresecendo that leads perfectly into the second book, which I’m delighted to be reading! 

It’s also not really a love story, which I am really pleased about, Becca is a really strong character and Jakes a perfect father figure sidekick for her. 

A fantastically well-written book that begins a great series. 

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