About Me

I have been reading books since I was knee high to a grasshopper (as my dad would say).

Books have always been my special escape. I love diving into a book, forgetting about the outside world and finding a new place to discover. 

I am definitely one of these people that feel everything in a book, I cry at deaths no matter who the character and I cheer triumphs and boo the defeats. 

I feel proud of character’s achievements and despise their enemies. 

That’s not to say I like every single character; I often like a book where the characters are less likable, it seems more relatable than a perfect character that has animals singing to them and windswept hair (although I love them too).

I’d never really thought of reviewing books until a Twitter friend posted about a recent book she’d reviewed with a certain company. I emailed them and signed up that day. To date I’ve reviewed around twenty books. I love that I get to read books before other people and that I’m helping new authors gain new readers who they may not have reached before. 

It’s also helped me discover authors that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise, and I love that I get to speak to so many of them on social media. Who knew that they were real people? 

If you’d have told thirteen-year-old me that I’d be reviewing books, speaking to authors daily and getting ready to launch a podcast where I talk to authors about their books and their influences, I’d have laughed and laughed. 

I am truly grateful to the authors, publishers and book review companies that I work with for the opportunities, free books and lovely words of encouragement when I’ve needed them. 

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