A Lady’s Guide to Scandal – Gemma Sydney



We all know I love a historical romance with a strong female character, but a historical romance, wheremost of the women are actually quite strong and not simpering? Sign me up! 


A wicked spinster. An honorable highwayman. An attraction too tempting to deny …


Unmasking the earl …

At Miss Sorcha O’Neill’s very first masquerade, she wears a scandalous scarlet gown. Dances a wicked waltz with a mysterious highwayman. And bargains for a kiss. When he steals an important letter entrusted to her, Sorcha vows to unmask him, by any means necessary …

Stealing the spinster’s heart …

Marcus Thorne, the Earl of Brookhurst, is an honorable man—and an unlikely highwayman. To assist his spymaster brother, he steals a letter from a scandalous lady in scarlet. When he recognizes her as eccentric Miss Sorcha O’Neill, he vows to discover whether she’s an unwitting pawn—or a traitor—even as he fights a wholly unwanted attraction to the beguiling lady …


This is the first in the Spy Lords of London series and I absolutely adored it! 

A common trope of histroical novels set around the same time, is that the two main characters never communicate when there is an issue. Gemma Sydney throws that out of the window in this as both Sorcha (delightful name) and Marcus both tell each other what they think in an argument. 

It does all go pear-shaped briefly, but Gemma does a great job of bringing them back together with a near-tragedy. 

I loved Sorcha, a poor relation who is lucky to be taken in by Somerton and Isabelle, her cousins. Her aunt is useless unless chaperoning and I found myself chuckling whenever she awoke from a nap at an inopportune moment. 

The characters are just beautifully written, and who doesn’t love a sweeping regency period romance novel with a nice level of spice! 

I am excited to see where Gemma takes these books next. I have a feeling who might be the next character to be involved, but we’ll see if I’m right! 

Thanks to Gemma Syndey and Love Books Tours for this opportunity. 

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